Friday 5 July 2019

Death things

Lahmian Vampire
I know, I know I can't stick to any project. Today a bunch of death models. This was spurred on by the new Generals Handbook which includes a way to play with only 1000 points of models. I put a list together, and I needed to paint up a few extra bits and pieces.

really enjoyed painting this vampire. Really fun to track down an older model and paint it up in a modern way on a nice oval base. At the moment if you want to buy a vampire on a horse your only option is the old mannfred von carstein model reborn as a generic mounted vampire. Can't be doing with that. Had to track down one of these lady vampire models. Painted it basically the same way as I painted my vampire lady on foot. One question was how to paint the horse clothes. Cloth in my army is dark green, but obviously dark green cloth for the skirt and dark green cloth for the barding would look weird. I decided to go with a bone/cream. Of course, this does mean the model is very Dark Angels adjacent, but they don't exist in the Age of Sigmar, so no harm no foul. I used weathering powder on the bottom of the horse clothes, and really happy with how that came out.

The cat, the purple skull, and the white cloth were painted using contrast. Everything else was traditional paint.

Tomb Banshee
Tomb Banshee. Painted using mostly contrast. I was in a bit of a bind with these because I have painted quite a few of my spooky ghosts with nighthaunt gloom, nihilakh oxide and hexwraith flame. The new contrast points mean I can do so much better. I was really pleased to be able to make use of the white contrast pain to make ghosts that are actually mainly white. I used a bit of nihilakh oxide under her waist and then pulled it down the skirt with a clean brush to create a blend. Bit of Hexwraith flame on the eyes, the hair and underskirt done with normal contrast paints, and then metal and leather painted traditionally. I think this works really well.

Purple Sun of Shyish
Finally got around to painting my Purple Sun of Shyish. I've had this model for a long long time but have not yet had reason to build and paint it. Building it was a real pain in the backside (and palms of my hands!) It was however, super easy to paint. I covered it in the aptly named Shyish Purple contrast paint. Job done.

I have put together a 1000 point list of fluff and fun (although I don't want to get totally facerolled) Gonna test it out over the next few weeks playing against my wife, son and good friend the IT guy. Then I've been invited to a private event at Warhammer World... might tweak it before then though. I'll let you have a look at the list below if you like the sort of thing. The nice thing is the skeletons and black knights are already painted, with the models here I just need to add the chainwrasps, which are assembled and undercoated already.

++ Meeting Engagement - Main Body (Death: Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt) [500pts] ++

+ Leader +

Necromancer [130pts]: 1. Overwhelming Dread, 4. Ossific Diadem, 6. Lord of Nagashizzar, General

+ Battleline +

Skeleton Warriors [160pts]: 2x 10 Skeleton Warriors, Ancient Spear, Hornblower, Standard Bearer

Skeleton Warriors [160pts]: 2x 10 Skeleton Warriors, Ancient Spear, Hornblower, Standard Bearer

+ Allegiance +

Alliegiance: Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash

+ Game Options +

Game Type: 1000 Points - Vanguard

+ Malign Sorcery +

Endless Spell: Purple Sun of Shyish [50pts]

++ Meeting Engagement - Rearguard (Death: Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt) [240pts] ++

+ Leader +

Tomb Banshee [80pts]

+ Battleline +

Chainrasp Horde [80pts]: 10 Chainrasps

Chainrasp Horde [80pts]: 10 Chainrasps

++ Meeting Engagement - Spearhead (Death: Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt) [260pts] ++

+ Leader +

Vampire Lord [140pts]: Mounted on Nightmare

+ Other +

Black Knights [120pts]: 5 Black Knights, Hornblower, Standard Bearer

++ Total: [1,000pts] ++

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