Monday 29 July 2019

Second squad of fallen angels

Fallen Angels
See, sometimes I get back to projects it looks like I have abandoned. Not much to say on the painting since I painted these in exactly the same way I painted my previous selection of fallen - the Librarian you have also seen before.
So; Why did I pause for so long on this project?

Well, GW put out an FAQ stating that Fallen Angel's detachments lost the Imperium keyword. So my plan to collect a 1000point army and then ally it with random stuff was kind of a bust. I think I explained this when I posted up my freeblade.

So after a long while of thinking, I settled on a second 1000pt Chaos Space marine detachment which is fallen themed.

Chaplin (Dark Apostle)
Fallen chaplains *could* exist. They might not.
Techmarine (Warpsmith)
I don't see any reason why not.
3x Citizen Militia (Chaos Cultists)
Cypher is supposed to be silver-tongued and good at rabble-rousing to bolster his course. I'm using Genestealer cultist's for these since, with the cult icons removed and head swaps using Necromunda Orlocks they are pretty much just vague workers with auto guns.
Heavy Support
3x Predator (Chaos Predator)
Mechanically, this selections gives my fallen units in Rhinos some objective secured bodies, a pile of command points, and the ability to project some ranged threat up the table. (The dreadnaught will probably largely hang out to protect tanks and cultist friends from deep striking backline worriers) I'm also well on the way to an Ironwing list for 30k if I decided to go that route when book nine comes out. 
It's a bit weird that, even though I play the game so rarely, without some sort of useful rules framework for my collection of miniatures, I find it very hard to get around to painting them.

On to the second Rhino now.

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