Saturday 4 April 2020

Plastic Sisters!

The first 250 points
So after not updating my blog for so long, this would usually be the point at which I would make some kind of offhand comment about not being dead. However, given this current virus stuff that might be a little on the nose.

Let's focus on the positive, this year my plan was to paint 250 points of sisters of battle each month until I had a fully painted 2000 point army of the new plastic sisters. Due to mounting work pressure and a World of Warcraft addiction, it has been pretty slow going. But, seeing opportunity in a crisis I have decided to catch up on my plans during this Lockdown. Which I seem to be enjoying far more than most people.

My Lovely Wife is also joining in and you can see her stuff here:

Before I get into the rest of the pictures, I just want to say that I seem to have forgotten how to take decent photographs. Google has doubtless 'improved' my camera app which may be the source of my issue.