Saturday 4 April 2020

Plastic Sisters!

The first 250 points
So after not updating my blog for so long, this would usually be the point at which I would make some kind of offhand comment about not being dead. However, given this current virus stuff that might be a little on the nose.

Let's focus on the positive, this year my plan was to paint 250 points of sisters of battle each month until I had a fully painted 2000 point army of the new plastic sisters. Due to mounting work pressure and a World of Warcraft addiction, it has been pretty slow going. But, seeing opportunity in a crisis I have decided to catch up on my plans during this Lockdown. Which I seem to be enjoying far more than most people.

My Lovely Wife is also joining in and you can see her stuff here:

Before I get into the rest of the pictures, I just want to say that I seem to have forgotten how to take decent photographs. Google has doubtless 'improved' my camera app which may be the source of my issue.

The Cannoness from the Sisters of battle starter box is an interesting model. Monopose with one set of equipment, but the miniature is very layered which made ita little challenging to paint.

Repentia Superior
I'm reasonably pleased with how the backpack fire came out, although I have seen much better. This model is a little challenging, I have already snapped that whip once and had to repair it, so it's one of those models I am loathed to take out of the house for any reason whatsoever.

Sisters Repentia
Repentia where a challenge to paint. I think In this project I have done some of the best skin painting I have ever managed. I'll be topping this squad up with 5 of the multi-part Repentia as part of the next 250 point chunk of models.

Sisters of Battle Squad
Finally the monopose sisters of battle squad from the starter set. As the army evolves I will be splitting these models up and using them in different squads, but for now, this is the squad as it arrives in the starter box. Good fun to paint, the main difference from how I used to paint my old metal sisters of battle is the darker shade of cloth on the inside of the robes.

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