Friday 1 May 2020

500 points of Sisters!

500 points
Got my second 250 point chunk painted, which means I am now ready to start the 250 points I should have started in march. I know it might not be appropriate to hope the Covid-19 lockdown carries on, but I kind of hope it carries on long enough for me to get my entire army painted. In this blog you will see some miniatures you have seen before as I have reorganized the squads.

This is a really old model, which I think has been in the hobby longer then I have. He certainly appears in the 2nd edition Sisters of Battle codex. One of the few metals not replaced by the new plastic army release, he was fun to paint. It's fun to elevate some of the older chunky metal miniatures. I think I did a very good job on his face, and am a fan of the subtle weathering around the bottom of the tunic. I used, as I have used on all of these models, forge world weathering powders.

Ok, yes, I showed this model in the previous update, but as I was getting the photography stuff out again I decided to take a better photograph of it.

Repentia Superior
As the above included for completeness. 

Repentia squad topped up to a full nine models. Really enjoyed painting five more of these girls, I made sure to use a few more of the hooded heads to get a little more red into the unit. Very fiddly working with the script decals, but I think overall they look better then they would if I tried to freehand the script onto the parchment.

Battle Sister squad A
I showed a lot of these models before but I have changed some models around so now this is a 10 strong squad with a cherub, meta, and heavy flamer. This squad is a real multitool and will eventually get a transport to ride up the field.

Battle Sister squad B
So this is the first of two five-man backline objective holder squads. This squad happens to be led by the limited edition Sister Superior Amalia. The base took quite a long time. One of the only real deviations I am doing from the studio colour scheme is wherever they use white marble, I'm using this sort of sandstone colour to tie in with the bases. It's a basecoat of Zandri Dust followed by an all-over wash of Seraphim Sepia. I then carefully layer on Flayed One Flesh leaving the recesses clear. This is fairly tedious, followed by an edge highlight of Screaming Skull.

Battle Sister squad C
Final sister of battle squad. I really enjoy the helmeted head with the visor up. I love things that give you a sense of how the things in the universe actually work.

That's all for now, I'll be back at some point with the next 250 points.

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