Monday, 4 February 2019

Tempestus Scion Kill Team

Kill Team (with two commanders)
So what I have is an essentially an inability to stick to any one project. for every long. Or so attest the one painted miniature from Blackstone Fortress, the half a box of unpainted miniatures from the Harry Potter miniatures game and of course, my recently stripped and re-undercoated sisters of battle army. However in the February Half term my local Games Workshop is running a Kill Team tournament. I figured I would paint up a new Kill Team for the occasions and I happened to receive the Tempestus Scions kill team starter box for Christmas.

Tempestor Prime
So the aforementioned Kill Team tournament is not, as far as I know making use of the commanders expansion. But I coulden't not make a tempestor prime. Such a badass going into battle with his stick and small fruit knife. (because the higher your rank the worse your weapons get). I think I did a fantastic job on the face. I'm a big fan of the mustache. A bit reminiscent of Sean Connery.

Lord Comissar
Ok. Not a Scion, but heavily related to them. I have a vast collection of classic metal Commissar miniatures; none of which are painted. So I dug one out. I'm quite pleased he's not notably shorter of mutated looking compared to the plastic scions since sometimes these older models look a bit warped.

Used some weathering powders on the end of the flamer. These things are lethal in games of kill team where there is loads of terrain. I quite like the soulless look of the facemask and can imagine the flames reflected in the green lenses.

This is trooper Steve. Steve has a hellblaster volley gun.

Trooper 1
I actually copied the paint scheme from the little booklet that came in the starter set so I suppose technically these lads are from Drop Force Imperator. I will just take any excuse to paint more red and black please and thank you. They look like the kind of boot boys that an inquisitor might whistle up to go stomp some faces no questions asked. Also, now the Commissar isn't the most garishly dressed military asset in the field!

Trooper 2
He has a scar. I think the scar is maybe too red. Dunno though.

Comms Guy
Another really good face I think. My good faces feel sort of accidental sometimes. but his turned out well. I painted his teeth. Proud of that.

Not Steve
Not Steve also has a hellblaster volley gun. And a cool bionic eye.

Plasma gun victim
Plasma gunner with eyepatch is such a trope. I'm really not sure why this guy is pointing at the ground though. Maybe he is saying "look, my eyeball".

Sarge has a powerfist and a ginger mustache. He is clearly very polite while he crushes your skull like an egg.

Trooper 3

Trooper 4

Exciting end of post stuff:
1) Happy New Year (I can still say that on the fourth of feb right). I made a new years resolution to paint 500 things by the end of the year. One month in and I have painted uh, twelve. However! I have not had any holidays yet. Nor have I hit onto any of my less labour intensive projects like terrain. You will find a counter of how many things I have finished this year on the main page under my portrait thingy.

2) Helen and I attended the horus heresy weekender last weekend, and have decided to get back into 30k with an escalation painting and gaming type thing. So during february I need to paint up 500 points of my Emperors Children and play two games of Zone Mortalis with Helen. So you can look forward to that.

3) I will need to paint other things as well as heresy. If you think I should particularly paint something let me know in a comment or an email or something like that.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Sister Hospitaller

Sister Hospitaller
The new Adepta Sororitas list in Chapter Approved 2018 has me really excited about my favorite army. In the absence of any new models I have decided to strip and repaint most of my infantry.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Taddeus the Purifier

Over the last three days or so I painted Taddeus the Purifier from Blackstone Fortress.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Sisters of Battle new army list review.

Sisters of battle army list review: Chapter approved 2018

I don’t often do tactical reviews on here – I’m mostly about painting cool models. However I do love the Sisters of Battle, and so here are my initial thoughts on the Beta codex. Unless you play a lot of 40k, the rest of this post is going to be fairly incomprehensible.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Another Dark Eldar Commander.

Dark Eldar Succubus
I managed to get a second commander painted before the painting thingy is judged. Somehow she looks much better in person then in the photograph. I think next year I am going to try and work on my photography a bit more. Although that risks becoming an expensive sub-hobby to an already expensive hobby.

I am also going to try and paint 500 models next year. And count them down on this blog.

Monday, 10 December 2018


Santa Stormcast
It's nearly Christmas and stuff, which means my local Games Workshop was running it's Christmas themed conversion / painting competition. In previous years I have resisted but this year I was egged on by a colleague.

Monday, 3 December 2018

More Dark eldar kill team, and a bit of a ramble.

kill team grows!
Hello! I'm not dead. Still painting. I painted five more dark eldar for my Kill Team Roster.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Harry Potter Minis

So, my wife is a massive fan of the Harry Potter franchise. It's a weird thing. She's only one school year younger than me but Harry Potter passed me by completely until the films came out. Seminal book series that informed my growing up were Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and Lord of the rings.

And yet, as films, I think the Harry potter films are in many way better than the film versions of LotR. Although I do struggle with the manifest lack of world building. Inasmuch as the wizarding world is superficially part of the real world now. Which just doesn't really work. There are all these wizards around doing quite visible stuff and the military never takes an interest? MI5 doesn't notice all the people flushing themselves down toilets in central London and take a vague interest? No wizard ever thinks well, these death eaters have powerful magical abilities, but there anathema to muggle tech means they won't see my M134 Minigun coming?

These are nerdish hangups for nerds, but I think if you do the 'my setting is a hidden part of the real world' you have to address what happens when the real world and the fictional world come into some sort of conflict. Even if it is just to point out that your monsters are immune to bullets.

Anyway, models:


Sunday, 14 October 2018

Kill Team Terrain

View from above

A little while ago now my wife and I finished painting the terrain for our kill team table. This was a really interesting project and I want to show off a few pictures and also talk a little bit about the philosophy in play here.