Tuesday 6 April 2021

Morrvahl Olbrecht


When you get in the zone you get in the zone. I have impressed myself with what I can knock out in 24 hours. 

Although they do say that when you learn a new skill you get better and then you plateau and get faster and that can be a sign you need to push yourself onto a new skill.

This guy is from the old Warhammer Wizards multi part kit. As explained in the article I linked yesterday, he is an extra character for cursed city also, and his rules come with the tie in novel. I differed slightly from Games Workshops colour scheme for him because a) I couldn't be bothered freehanding runes; but also I wanted to get some of that dark green in as a spot colour so I can use him as a Necromancer in my undead age of sigmar army if needed. 

I'm pretty proud of how his egg timer turned out, it was about 4-5 different contrast paints to try and paint in the sand and also the blue glaze over the top. Painting a solid bit of plastic to look like glass is always a bit of an ask. The face is also, I think rather good to say how out of practice I am doing faces. All in all I am really happy with how the miniature came out. 

Here is how I am getting on with the bingo card:

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