Saturday 17 April 2021

Cursed City Update


The Ulfenwatch

Watch Captain Halgrim

So, as promised on I go painting up the adversaries from cursed city.

the Ulfenwatch were interesting to paint, there are a lot more similar to the current Grave Guard then they are the Skeleton Warriors, and so I started them off with an undercoat of Leadbelcher rather then any kind of off white. Otherwise they are painted in essentially the same way as the skeleton warriors but obviously with different amounts of armour and cloth.

I'll be really interested when the Soulblight Gravelords book comes out where these new armoured skeletons fit. Perhaps "Grave Guard" as a discrete unit will cease to exist. 

I also painted Watch Captain Halgrim in much the same way - Although I did a second highlight and gave him an additional spot colour. Actually my first time using the new bronze base and wash that came out with the Necron range.

Fairly pleased with how these turned out.

I'm hearing online that apparently cursed city isn't being re-stocked which is kind of lame. Lovely models, not played the game yet... but soon.

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