Tuesday 30 July 2019

Another Rhino

I did another Rhino, much like I did the previous Rhino. See, this is why I never stick to large army projects. Because painting one of something is fun, painting the three copies of that same thing is less interesting and I have less to say.

However; I do need to post things up here to count them towards my number of painted miniatures this year goal. It's good to have goals with this sort of thing, speaking of which, as I am heading up to the north of england at the end of summer, planning to get a game in with my dark angels playing friend, that's probably what's keeping me focused on trying to get as many fallen as possible painted.

I try as far as possible to rotate between batch painting a squad, painting a tank, and painting a character. So next thing I will paint will be my techmarine/warpsmith - then on to the third and final Fallen squad, and finally the third and final Rhino.

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