Sunday 7 July 2019

From Golden Light They Come

Adeptus Custodes Kill Team
I couldn't face painting another 10 Ghosts today, after painting 10 Ghosts yesterday so I decided to finish one of those projects that was hanging around half painted.

I hate that, when you end up with a half painted project just knocking around. Seems to always take forever and a day to get back to it. I laid down the gold basecoat, wash and highlights for these guys ages and ages ago. At some point I had done the blacking in of all the rubbery joins and things; today I finished them.

Custodes in Kill Team are interesting. They do a good job of not dying and destroying everything that stands before them, unfortunately, most Kill Team scenarios require capturing objectives and things.

Fun though.

Painting wise I largely used standard kinds of methods. The red leather was a bit of a first, hand to pick up a couple of new paints. It's gorthor brown with red highlight. Did use athematic blue contrast paint on the power blades and it looks amazing. Highlight them up as if they are normal swords and then just slather the athematic blue on top. That's all power weapons from now on sorted.

Hope you enjoy. Tired now. Back to work tomorrow.

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