Friday 12 July 2019

Baleful Realmgates

Baleful Relmgates
So, having finished my 1000 point meeting engagement force for Age of Sigmar, I sat down and properly re-read the rules. Seems like you are generally supposed to have to pieces of terrain per player. So I figured I would pick up some baleful realm gates, because they are interesting, have little murals of skeletons on, and you get two in a box.

Painting these was messy. Very large so you have to pick them up as you paint them. The method was to paint them all over with Dark Reaper. Then I picked out a few of the bricks in russ gray. Followed with an all over wash with earthshade. Followed by a bone drybrush all over, and I finally used the filth wash I talked about last time I did some terrain painting in various cracks and crevices. I then went around and picked out all the Bronze in a fairly standard way. The portal energy was done using contrast paint. First I painted it all over with gray seer, and then the magos purple contrast paint.

I think they came out well enough, for quite a quick paint job.

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