Sunday 7 July 2019



I feel like I am letting down my skeletons by painting these spoops. I like skeletons a lot. However, in meeting engagement, they really have a place because they have a little more mobility. I've had the nighthaunt side of soul wars for a long time; since a good friend of mine bought it for the storm cast and was like 'do you want these for thirty quid'.

So, yeah, nighthaunt guys. I painted these in a day and then finished off the bases this morning. Similar to the banshee, I started by covering the entire model with white contrast paint. The slight difference with these is they started out sprayed corax white. Just because I had already sprayed them. If I had my time again I would have started with the gray seer spray.

Once the which contrast was down I again used Nihilakh Oxide painted in underneath the shawl and then dragged down over the lower half of the model. The dark green shawls are roughly one part dark angels green contrast to two parts contrast medium. I wanted to get the dark green colour into the unit to tie it into the army, but I wanted it to look spooky and translucent. I'm a little bit tempted to go back to my Banshee and change the bright blue part to this sort of washed out dark green. Not sure.

Hexwraith flame was used to paint the fire on the candlestick on the boss, and the little wisps of ghostly power coming up out of the ground. Finally, the eyes were given a green glow, again with Hexwraith flame.

Once the contrast and technical paint part of the models were compleated, the rest of the wood, metal and stone was painted using the classic method. I enjoy blending the two techniques when it's appropriate to do so - even if base-coating all the leadbeltcher was a little tedious, I think it looks really good having more solid elements and more ghostly elements. In my mind, when the spook is killed the weapons and chains are left behind. Equally, I could have done the chains ghostly and just done solid weapons - which perhaps makes more sense, but I think this looks better.

Not sure what's next. I have another squad of 10 of these spooks to do to finish my 1000pt legions of Nagash army. (which won it's first game on Friday, against my nine-year-old sons Ironjaws :p... and it was depressingly close)

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