Sunday 30 June 2019

Warhammer Day DIY Funko Pop

So this one takes a little bit of explanation. Games Workshop gave a licence to Funko Pop. Funko promptly came out with three different big headed vinyl dudes. A Dark Angel, A Space Wolf and an Ultramarine.

Today (technically, yesterday) is (was) 'Warhammer Day' a somewhat abitary celebration of the Warhammer hobby, a few things were available exclusively today, one of which was this 'DIY' funko pop. It's essentially the Ultramarines one, but just painted flat gray. With the idea being you can paint it yourself.

As you can see, I painted mine like a Crimson Fist. Which I suppose settles my whole 'How should I paint my Primaris army' quandary. I followed exactly the same methods I would follow painting a normal intercessor. Painting the funkos is kind of annoying because the paint likes to rub off the vinyl as you hold it, and obviously it wont fit in a painting handle.

I'm really quite happy with how the model came out. I'm not totally convinced you couldn't get the same effect by painting over the far more commonly available Ultramarines Funko. So obviously the die hards are going to keep the super limited gray one in the packet forever. But I am a Warhammer Fan, not a Funko Fan. So I painted mine you are supposed to.

I do now own three Funko Pops, as in addition to this one I received the Blood Angel space marine one as a gift, I also have a Ron Swanson Funko pop. Because I hate government and drink Islay whisky, I suppose.


  1. Shocked you forgot the BA assault marine one

  2. I mentioned him in the last paragraph - since I actually have one on my desk at work. But yeah, I missed him from the run down at the start. It was almost 2am.