Wednesday 5 June 2019

Crimson Fists Kill Team

Crimson Fists
I know, I know these aren't Emperors Children, or Fallen, or Malifaux. Like I said nothing if not totally inconsistent.

As I have explained before I run a Warhammer Club at school and I  have had these guys knocking around my office for ages and ages. I like to have a simple project on the go so I did the basecoating and edge highlighting over a couple of lunchtimes. At half term, I decided to take them home and get the rest of the details done.

The aim of this project is kind of twofold. First of all, I had a pile of marines knocking around. The three Intercessors are from the push fit starter kit sprue: although with some conversion. The lieutenant is from the endless parade of limited edition primaris lieutenants Games Workshop seems intent on producing. So I had some models without a purpose.

The second aim of the project was to test out painting Crimson Fists, as I may decide to paint my currently assembled-but-not-undercoated space marine army this way. Let me know what you think.

Commander: 500th store celebration Primaris LT
This is the 500th store celebration Primaris lieutenant with no modification. I basically painted him as per the Crimson Firsts paint splatter article in Januarys White Dwarf magazine. I think this and all the models turned out really well, with the exception of the decals on the shoulder pads which look a bit pants. Perhaps because they are very old decals, and I am not as experienced at using decals. I also don't use micro sol and micro set, which the internet seems to think are important.

Leader: Intercessor Sgt
The intercessor Sargent has had a couple of modifications. A head swap and a weapon swap. The head is forge world resin looted from one of the Horus Heresy kits. I think one of Helens, she does not like to use bare heads as she really likes helmeted marines. The power sword is just an anonymous plastic power sword from our bitz box. No idea what kit it was from originally.

Demolitions Specialist: Intercessor Gunner
Another conversion here. The starter kit intercessors don't have a grenade launcher part, so I hacked away at the bottom of the bolt rifle and stuck in the bottom half of an Imperial Guard grenade launcher. I think it looks pretty good - and part of this project was to see what I could do using models I just sort of already had.

Comms Specialist: Intercessor
Another conversion, this guy has another resin head, this time from a 30k Master of Signal. The Primaris helmet really is identical to a Mk4 marine helmet, and the extra comms gear makes it really clear that this is a comms guy.

So there it is, I'm going to add some reavers to finish off the kill team. Photographs of them eventually. I am still undecided if I am going to paint the primaris army I own as Imperial or Crimson fists. I do like the way these turned out. I'm still a little unsure though.

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