Sunday 23 June 2019

Gellerpox Infected (Citadel Contrast)

The Gellerpox Infected
Okay, so this represents my second play with the new contrast paints. As I said in the last contrast related blog I really think the secret with contrast is to use a suitable subject. These Gellerpox Infected are perfect for contrast because they are mostly organic textures. These were very quick to paint, and while yes I could have done much better if I had taken the time to go full classic method on all of them, these are some more models that I was unlikely to ever get around to painting 'properly'.

Vulgar Thrice Cursed
A lot of metal on this guy - so I will touch on how I painted all the exposed metal. It's a leadbeltcher with bassilicanum gray contrast paint brushed over. That's it. I may now do this with all my sort of dark gunmetal. It's done a much better job then nuln oil, and no real need for a highlight. The flames are done with the 'old' hexwrath flame technical paint, which does flow slightly differently to contrast.

Gnasher Screamer
Really happy with how the belly mouthes came out. All just slapping on the contrast paint. While wet, a little bit of blending on the model. I did do some typhus corrosion and riza rust on the cleaver because it looked too clean, but otherwise all contrast.

Big Spike
I think his pants are too blue. I was trying to go for denim. Should have watered down the contrast with a little bit of medium.

The Writher
Talking about contrast medium, I painted this guy all over in the fleshy contrast, then I diluted some of the red contrast with the medium and used it on the face and hand of the guy trapped inside his belly. I think this came out really well and provides a really nice effect for what is ultimately not much work.

Easily my favorite models in this group. I especially like the one with the mohawk. I don't know why he has a mohawk, but it's old school 40k as heck. I also really do enjoy how the shin came out on these guys. Just a case of brushing the plaguebearer and pink contrasts onto the fleshy contrast while it was still wet. It looks really good.

I don't like these models and consequently, I didn't do a good job on them. Blugh.

Sludge Grubs
The white contrast paint is now how I will paint anything that needs to be white forever. It just looks this good straight out of the pot.

These are cool models full of character.

Eyesinger Swarms
Those wings are, again, just the white contrast paint blobbed on in one thick coat straight out of the pot.
I also painted some Ur-Ghuls from Blackstone fortress because I realized I could paint them in about a minute each.

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