Friday 31 May 2019


I know. I know. I'm nothing if not inconsistent. I have, in fact, made a start on the next five fallen in my painting queue. However, it came to my attention that the third edition of Malifaux is out shortly, and the rules are basically known at this point since there was an open Beta.

So, what started as an activity of rationalizing my Malifaux miniatures collection (a lot of Guild and Outcast stuff is no longer desperately useful to me) ended up with me clearing out the last two unpainted Maliufaux models I own which have sat out on the side for an extremely long time.

I've always had a soft spot for Malifaux models. They are quite different from anything else. They also always prove to be quite simple and relaxing to paint as they tend to just have fewer fiddly details then Warhammer.

Also, and this is a more personal thing. Because I am a bit less invested in the Malifaux setting, which is itself less detailed, I feel less like I have to look things up and get colors right, and I just go for painting them how I feel like they should look. Which is a more relaxing and organic process.

The Carver
A lot of brown wash involved in painting The Carver. There is a very real risk of him disappearing into his base. Hopefully, though, little touches such as the head, the bird, and the blood on the claws hold the attention. It's always difficult when you want to have a consistent basing scheme with all your models, but they have various color palates so you end up with a bit of a mush. In this case a study in oranges and browns.

Metal Coppelius

Coppelius (in this case the old metal Coppelius) was a funny one because he was hiding at the back of the shelf, and Helen had to point out he wasn't painted. I found him on eBay ages ago because I never liked the plastic Coppelius model. He was good fun to paint. Eating his eyeball. My best work was on the coat because painting black is now my specialism apparently.

Probably should get back to Fallen now, but I seem to have ordered some Malifaux models to fill gaps in my collection before the next edition comes out. So who knows.

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