Sunday 17 February 2019

Voldemort (and some acromantulas)

Lord Voldemort
Sometimes you don't paint something because it's massively intimidating and you are afraid you will muck it up. However, after much thought I finally worked out how I was going to paint this guy.
So this model is basically painted entirely with gimmicks. I started off with a white undercoat, and then bascoated the whole thing with the hexwraith flame technical paint. Once that was fully dry I painted voldemort's robes with the nighthant gloom technical paint. I've talked about this voodoo in a bottle before. The only real trick was trying to get a blend between his robes and the magic. A bit like when I painted Nagash the border between robes and magic is a bit difficult to locate. I used the time honored technique of smudging it a bit with my fingers to get the
Same Model, slightly different angle
 blend in some places. Once that was done he looked a bit like a green splodge still, so I decided to put a nuln oil wash on his inner tunic/robe to provide it with some contrast compared to his sort of outer evil dressing gown looking thing. Trying to get colour references from film footage is really hard because for whatever reason the costume used changes colour dramatically depending on how the scene is lit. Sometimes it seems to be almost light green/gray, and at other times it is basically black. I pulled the nuln oil wash down into the magic green stuff around his feet, but not the magic green stuff he is shooting at fools. The inner robe was highlighted how I do blue/black (dark reaper with a second highlight of thunderhawk blue in places) and the outer robe and floor magic was highlighted with the dark eldar greens (Kabalite green and then Sybarite green) whereas the being shot at fools magic was highlighted into white with a thick highlight of ulthuan gray and then a finer highlight of white scar. With that the complex and scary part of the model was done. The head and arms were basically painted as you might do dark elven flesh. So rakarth flesh, flesh wash, more rakarth flesh and then a pallid witch flesh highlight. The snek was a bit more interesting. Painted the whole thing bleached bone, and then did a sapia wash, followed by a camoshade wash on the sort of top three quarters, and then a nuln oil wash on the top quarter. I know that in the film snek is a darker green - but this worked with the composition of the model a lot better.      
Boring spider things.
I also painted these, largely while waiting for interminable numbers of wash layers and technical paints to dry on voldemort. They are slightly depressingly bad models. Lots of drybrushing was involved. It really bothers me that they don't have proper bases. However; six models that totally count towards my annual goal. I'm at a nice round 50 now. Also it's half term so I have a whole week off.

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