Saturday 16 February 2019

Harry Potter Death Eaters.

Death Eaters
Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

Me: Well, what should I do now. Should I get started on next months Emperors Children?
Wife: furiously painting salamanders no, that would make me feel terrible. I'll never catch you.
Me: Okay.
I tend to end up with bits of half finished projects sat around my computer desk and on the window ledge and... well... on every flat surface going. So even though I am mostly thinking about my 30k stuff at the moment I don't struggle to find stuff to get on with. I picked out these guys because their were four of them and I thought I could get through them reasonably quickly.

Edge highlighted the black in two different colours to try and get some texture into what is otherwise a really monotone miniature. As I said the last time I put up some Harry Potter stuff, costume designs that work well on the screen are often not fantastic for painting onto tiny models.

I am pleased with the way the masks came out. I used a P3 colour called blighted gold, which is just a really nice evil looking greeny gold metallic, and not a shade replicated in the citadel paint range. Then a wash of agrax earthshade, and a deliberately harsh highlight of stormhost silver.

One thing to complain about with this range of models. Because, like a lot of things based on films or TV shows, the scale is a lot more realistic... weapons are tiny. The wands love to flick off, and break, and get lost. And it can be very aggravating at times.

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