Thursday 21 February 2019

Last, and very possibly also least. Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew
This model has the quite unique combination of being a really lame character, but at the same time being quite a lot of work, from a painting point of view. Which is why it got left until last. Painting pinstripes is hard. Fortunately because peters suit is so bashed up and dirty and torn, the fact that the stripes are a bit wiggley is, I think lost in the general composition of the model. I tried really hard on the face to try and capture his ruddy cheeks by introducing a bit of red glaze. Hopefully he looks like he's unfit and out of breath, and not like he's just gotten into mothers make up box. Otherwise the model was a study in browns. I own a lot of different brown and brown adjacent colours. I'm not convinced that his shirt is quite the right colour. But evil characters in films tend to be lit dark and gloomy sort of colours so it's super hard to work out what colour anything is meant to be. I like the model anyway. Proud of it.

So that's all the harry potter bad guys painted. I think my wife has painted only something like three and a half of the good guys from the pre order because she's a slacker less of a monotask then me and gets really busy doing other equally valuable things. Of course Knight models have come out with a few extra bits and bobs since we pre ordered the entire range, and this set is particularly tempting. At the same time, I'm itching to get back to something a bit more my usual speed; as much as painting the more realistic stuff like these (and also the Warlord Games Doctor who miniatures, seriously if they ever do a 7th Doctor set I'll be picking it up in a flash). Maybe eventually though. The collector in me likes finished collections..

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