Wednesday 20 February 2019

Bellatrix and Troll

What a successful 'let's just get this done' this has been. I actually went outside today and let the sun touch my face, went and had a picnic in the park with my family (and predictably, pick up some more paint from GW... although this was for helens salamanders) I still managed to get two miniatures painted. Bellatrix is the last character of the ones I have who's just an exercise in painting black. Went for a gray black on the cloth bits and a blue black on the leather bits. Went the whole hog this time and did two highlights. I also tried a new (paler) skin. recipe which I think probably worked out okay. I still think the models look far better in person then they do in photographs. This is probably because I just don't know how to work the photograph app on my iphone to the best of it's ability. I'm quite proud of the face and hair anyway.   
I'm less proud of the troll. I do stand by what I said the other day. The big creatures in this range just feel like they were sculpted by work experience boy. Troll just feels clumsy and chunky like an action figure. Also trying to colour match to what is actually really-bad-for-2001 CGI was difficult. He's darker then the film troll. I  think. I dunno. I wanted to emphasise the bluish tinge that the troll seems to have in some parts so that he didn't just blend into the cobblestone base thing. And then I went woah thats too bright, and hit it with a bunch of washes (including some purple around the feet and hands). All the highlights were done by drybrishing because it just seemed to suit the models details.

I have one of these models left. Which I will probably paint tomorrow. Then I might have to find something else to paint before we tumble around to March and I can crack on with my Emperors children again. 

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