Sunday 30 October 2016

Malifaux: October Stuff

So the 'October' Malifaux releases arrived and I have managed to get them assembled and painted. So a bit of a thematic mixed bag today.
Mysterious Emissary

Painted this chap in much the same way as I painted the various Autumn Knights from Titania's box set. I happen to have quite a lot of different shades and tones of green, due to a misadventure some years ago when I was struggling to find a colour match for a green spray I own. All of which was related to my attempts to pain some Russian tanks for my very short lived foray into historical gaming in the form of "Flames of War". I think the Emissary turned out very well. Those little plants do remind me of Mario a bit, and I bet I'll see more then one painted red with white spots.

Rules wise I am given to understand that the Mysterious Emissary is seen as the least powerful emissary. However, I can see some good synergy with Lilith and Waldgeists if want you want to do is chuck lots of markers down; though I will now need to make a third kind of forest marker because obviously they do different things. Pandora's upgrade looks rather vicious, as if Pandy needed more help. The generic upgrade could be good with Lucy, as he runs lots of minions.

Collodi got some new puppets this month. Interestingly Collodi is one of the two Neverborn masters I have not really used - he seems to be good in a lot of the same sort of pools that Pandora is good in. These were fairly annoying to put together, those arms are so spindly. Rules wise these look interesting, strong attack, and they can pull models in. Further study is needed.

Corrupted Hounds
Now Neverborn have there own dogs. I can't see a massive use for these actually. After all, if you want to scheme run you need to take two, at which point you could have a terror tot for a stone less, or a silurid for a stone more. They do have a plus flip when they attack out of activation, but there low willpower means I don't really want to use them with Lucy. These were very quick to paint being mostly grey.

Not a new release but I had Sue and Hans sitting around waiting to be painted. Sue was simple to paint as I essentially had not choice but to do him in all black. I think the guitar came out well. In terms of rules, Sue is solid. Not sure when I would feel I wanted to merc him in, but a good tool to have.

Finally Hans. I did briefly toy with painting him with a red coat like Vash the Stampede, but ultimately I thought better of it and decided to go for a more conservative look. Hans is an expensive merc, but lethal. I look forward to using him.

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