Sunday 2 October 2016

Malifaux: Collodi

I finally got around to painting up all the stuff for the final Neverborn master, Collodi. I've been painting these bits and pieces over a long while and there are quite a few of them. They are more cohesive then some of my other bits and bobs, I guess because they are supposed to be a dance troupe.


Marionettes following the occasional Wyrd pattern of having one model in a set which is much nicer then and I quite different to the others.

Wicked Dolls

Everyone's favourite arcanist murder machines; Collodi can hire them too. Although, they cannot combine. Had good fun painting the blood on these. Looking at them now I think perhaps I should have gone for a bit more blood.

Collodi can also hire Mannequins. Not convinced how useful they are, but I wanted to pick up some performers anyway because they are handy mercenaries.

Performer 1

Performer 2
New plastic performers are kind of awesome. Helen is jealous.

Ok, I don't so much think an Oiran is a thing you would want to run with Collodi, but I had a spare one knocking around since the wife wanted only two. Decided to paint it up since I was painting up the other showgirls.
Oh my word this is a complex miniature to put together. I'm not convinced there is a good reason for that miniature to have a screw in. Clear pipes are a nice touch though.

Shadow Effigy

Hodgepodge Effigy

Brutal Effigy

Arcane Effigy

Lucky Effigy
I love this cheeky little chappy.

Carrion Effigy

Group shot
Had to do a group shot including the mysterious effigy which I painted ages and ages ago.  These little guys are really characterful miniatures.

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