Saturday 8 October 2016

Malifaux: Changelings

Very short blog post today. I painted the changelings which were the only thing to come out in September's Malifaux release which interest me.


These guys were a real hassle to put together due to very many tiny parts. (Maybe I will do work in progress shots one day, would anyone be interested in that in the slightest?) Even though they come in the tall box, the sprue is actually the smaller size sprue that Wyrd use. I'm sure by gremlin player standards the parts are not that fiddly but they were a challenge for my fat hands.

Painting was quite easy because grey is an easy colour to paint well. I toyed with the idea of giving one blonde hair, one brown hair and one black hair, but I think it's creepier if they look identical. Blonde was also handy because of the Village of the Damned reference - which is such an obvious thing I'm slightly confused they were not all blonde in the reference artwork.

I was not sure if I should put these on the forest bases that the bulk of my stuff is on, or the cobble bases used for Lucius and Lynch. In the end I rationalised that by the time the changelings are peeling off there faces they have probably lured there victims away from Malifaux City.

I'm not convinced about my ability to take decent photographs though I am getting a little better. One day perhaps I should try and improve that aspect of things..

I am now caught up with the neverborn faction in Malifaux. Fortunately, I have acquired a number of mercenaries to paint up via a cheap ebay lot, so I have most of the thematic stuff for the Viktorias, for Von Shill and also the guild mercs from the starter set that I had previously sold to a friend.

Gotta keep busy after all.

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