Tuesday 25 October 2016

Malifaux: Guild Mercenaries

I realise I said in the last post that the next thing I was going to paint was the Von Shill crew. However, I have been quite busy over half-term marking coursework and writing an essay for my M.Ed, so I wanted to do something fun in the evenings and I just could not face batch painting all that black and gray.

So in my giant ebay job lot, I also got the models from the starter set, now I have had a starter set previously but I sold the Guild models too a friend. Now I have decided to collect all the potential mercenary hires I thought I would paint up the four guild mercs.

Dr Grimwell
Dr Grimwell was an interesting chap to paint. Not least because I'm going to be attending a Halloween themed Malifaux tournament on Friday. I am just finishing putting together a Dr Grimwell costume. I suppose I can also wear the costume on Halloween itself to answer the door and dole out sweets although being as I live in a flat it tends to be the case that no one comes calling on Halloween. (More sweets for me since I always buy them on the off chance!).  I actually own a blue tie with white spots on and painted his that way so I can better resemble the miniature. In terms of Malifaux I'm not convinced I would ever use Dr Grimwell as a merc. He's a reasonable beater, but Neverborn arn't exactly hard up for quality beaters. Grimwell is quite mobile though, with nimble and unimpeded in scenarios were that matters.

Nurse Heartsbane
Not the most exciting miniature, it's a shame she dose not have a nurses cap perched on the back of her head to better resemble Louise Fletcher's Nurse Ratched instead of the weird shapeless thing she has. An interesting model rules wise with some debuff ability that is fairly rare in Neverborn.

Orderly 1
At some point I got it into my head that people who work with corpses wear black rubber protective gear. No idea if that's true or if I have internalised it from some kind of horror film or what. Not convinced I would ever, ever take these are mercenaries but I supposed I may as well paint them up for completeness.

Orderly 2
The final Orderly. He looks creepy. I think he is missing part of his hand, but I don't think its particularly noticeable.

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