Friday 28 October 2016

Malifaux: Von Shill

Finally got around to painting up my Freikorps stuff. In the same way as my Viktrorias I mainly have these because most of them are usable as mercenaries; however I painted up Von Schill and the steam trunk just in case I one day want to declare the outcast faction. I should say, with the exception of Hannah and the steam trunk I batch painted these guys like you would with a 40k squad and it was... tedious as all heck. I'm not sure how I am ever going to get around to painting my 40/30k again. But I'm sure I eventually will.
Von Schill

I'm not sure what Ferdinand von Schill did to be fused with Hulk Hogan on miniature scale, but there we go.

Hannah. I gave her purple hair because in her Freikorps uniform she was just blending into her robot too hard. Her rules are pretty interesting. Arcane Reservoir is nice, but not worth 11 stones as a merc. Make a new entry probably has some application but right now I can't think of a none leader casting action i'd be desperate to have a second cast of, but perhaps there is one.

Freikorps. Boring models, boring rules. Can't see I would ever merc these in. As far as I can tell Von Schill players do not love them.

Strongarm Suit
This guy obviously was at the back of the queue when they were handing out mechanical fighting suits. He looks a bit peculiar. Rules wise, I guess, if you guess you are going to have issues with riders.

Freikorps Trapper
Aha! The Trapper. This model was interesting to paint because he has a camo cloak. One thing I notice which bothers me, is when people have models with camo cloaks (space marine scouts for example) and the cloaks are painted differently to the environment on the base of the miniature. Rules wise this guy is pretty good. If you want to get awesome ranged power for cheap. In Neverborn your options are kind of limited. I mean, if you are playing lucy, you can take guild riflemen. Otherwise  your options are, what, Angel Eyes for nine stones? I could merc in Hans or McTavish. This guy is the budget version. Yes, he can't shoot into combat; but he has from the shadows which can be really really good on some tables. We don't tend to use multi level terrain at home, but if you had a 40k style ruin this guy could be very very handy.

Freikorps Specialist
This was an interesting model to paint only in so far as, I used some black weathering powder on him because flamethrowers are messy. So hopefully he has a pattern of soot. In terms of rules, eh, I can't see a massive use for him. Perhaps if you have some vague plan involving paralysing your own dudes, then using this guy to remove the paralyse, but that's not something I would do in Neverborn.

Freikorps Librarian
Interesting model this; in so far as it looks like a female Freikorp trooper, with no gun and some bits of cloth. I'm interested to know if the Freikorps is an equal opportunities employer, or if women get to be librarians and men have to be grunts. I was talking to the wife about how easy it would be to convert a freikorp trooper into a librarian. I think she would quite like two librarians to run with Sandeep, without having to buy two boxes of Von Schills crew. So my question is, can you, in the Malifaux cannon have a male librarian? I realise, the most important question of our age but I am curious. In terms of usefulness as a merc. Basically, if you want a healer, you merc in one of these. That's really the long and the short of it in Neverborn. We don't have a lot of healing.

Steam Trunk
I didn't have to build this because I got these models second hand. However, I have seen pictures of the sprue on the internet and I am quite pleased I did not have to build it. It was a pain in the ass to paint. I ended up closing the lid down a fair way to I didn't have to spend a lot of time painting the bits and bobs inside. There is some brown weathering powder on the tracks, but you can't really tell in the photograph.

I love how it floats off the base like that; but what are you going to do that's what the card says.

So, I currently own two unpainted Malifaux models. Sue and Hans. So expect them soon.

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