Thursday, 20 December 2018

Sister Hospitaller

Sister Hospitaller
The new Adepta Sororitas list in Chapter Approved 2018 has me really excited about my favorite army. In the absence of any new models I have decided to strip and repaint most of my infantry.
Stripping paint of metal miniatures is actually really easy. You just dump them in acetone - readily available in the form of budget nail varnish remover. Don't use this on plastic models or resin models. Bad times. But on old metals like this they clean up a treat. For the red part of the robes and the armour I largely followed this guide and the metalics and skin were just the sort of standard recipes that I do automatically. I added a few hexwraith flame details on the medical equipment because I can't resist using hexwraith flame on things apparently.

Rear view
However, this model, being essentially a space nurse has a lot of white cloth. I dipped into this tutorial and I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. For reference, this is what the model used to look like:
The old paint job.
I think it was worth the effort.

Oh, quick shout out to the new Munitorum Varnish. Much better then the old Purity Seal.

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