Monday 3 December 2018

More Dark eldar kill team, and a bit of a ramble.

kill team grows!
Hello! I'm not dead. Still painting. I painted five more dark eldar for my Kill Team Roster.

I realise that I haven't updated this thing in a long time. Two reasons for this. The first is I haven't really painted anything - and the second is that I know if I bang on about sociopolitical issues I will just come off as the most tedious gasbag. However, I finally got back on the painting train and this is the result.

Splinter cannon specialist
Unfortunately, these five guys caught the varnish badly. When I first varnished them they all looked about as frosted as this guys leg still looks. What you see here is the result of the application of about different gloss and matte products to try and fix the problem. This guys leg still looks off, but at some point the model will just look like a ball of varnish. I should say that this was an old can of Citadel Purity Seal, and I'm told the new formulation 'Munitorum Varnish' does not have this issue, but I normally get on okay with Purity Seal so I'm loathed to throw it away.

Kabalite Warrior
It's just one of those things, you finally get back onto the painting wagon, work really hard on something, and then your varnish clouds up. Kick in the teeth. I'm taking these relatively seriously because there is an award for best painted kill team at the local games workshop, and the kind of painting competition where its models you actually have to have played with should keep the display painters away and leave me with a chance! Oh Well.

Kabalite Warrior with shredder
I sort of fell off the painting waggon because I started playing a bunch of video games, and I can't seem to do anything by halves. I find painting more fulfilling since you get something to show at the end of it. The kind of video game that makes you feel like you have something to show at the end of it (like say, World of Warcraft, which very nearly caused me to fail my undergraduate degree) is basically my kryptonite. Painting toy soldiers makes me feel more sort of... contented. As I always try and tell the kids, you have to have three things on the go. The thing you need to do (work/study) the thing you choose to do to make you grow (a project or volunteering or something) and something you do just for you.

Kabalite warrior with blaster
So, what do I want to try and get painted before years end? Well, I have the three commanders to paint for my Kill Team, and also a Christmas themed entry for a conversion competition thing. So that's my aim. It would be nice to get more done (and I need to get back to the harry potter stuff, but it's just so time consuming.)

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