Monday 10 December 2018


Santa Stormcast
It's nearly Christmas and stuff, which means my local Games Workshop was running it's Christmas themed conversion / painting competition. In previous years I have resisted but this year I was egged on by a colleague.
The format for the competition is that you pick a random miniature out of a sack, lucky dip style and convert and paint it all christmas like. I pulled out this here Lord-Ordinator. I was a little disappointed, the Stormcast don't do much for me. However, he does have a santa beard. Time to break out the green stuff.

Gasp! Naked plastic!
I don't do much sculpting. It's not something I think I am amazing at, however I am quite proud of the santa hat I managed to sculpt. The candy cane not so much; It looks super irregular. I suppose when you don't practice something often you aren't good at it. In terms of the painting the present is made sparkly with some glitter glue from a craft shop. Gimmicky, but it's not like there was any detail to obscure.
Check out death metal Jesus in his bed full of blood soaked straw...
In other Christmas themed news, my boss bought these 'beautiful' nativity figures into my classroom. "So, I know you run that Warhammer club thing. I was wondering, if you could take a look at these." It was very hard not to die laughing on the spot.

 There is something quite relaxing actually about restoring something that was quite so hideous to a vaguely passable state. Like all those who know nothing, my boss was blown away about how amazingly talented I am. Huh. I somehow don't think I'll be winning any Golden Demons anytime soon. Also these models were hideous. I didn't bother setting up the light box for these photos because of just how bad the casts are. Perhaps you can't tell but Joseph in that top picture has no mouth and lower jaw. Also that hand holding the staff is basically just paint.   
The lower set of three were the better sculpts. But honestly still so full of air bubbles and junk. On the plus side when the mini is so simple and devoid of detail they are quite quick to paint. On the plus side I sort of worked out a quick way to paint clean looking white cloth quite quickly. So that's useful.

Such Christmas

 Also this happy Haemonculus with his cloak made of flayed skin. He's for my Dark Eldar Kill team which I talked about last time. I needed to get him finished because there is a 'best painted' element to the Kill Team tournament. I mostly followed the old GW how to paint booklet - with a couple of little changes to tie him in with the rest of the team. I have never liked the Haemonculus coven models, but actually this evilton was a real blast to paint.

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