Sunday 1 July 2018

Nighthaunt Gloom

Myrmourn Banshees
So as you probably know the new edition of Age of Sigmar launched this weekend. I had the good fortune to be up at Games Workshop HQ for the Age of Sigmar open day. One product that may have been overlooked is the two new technical paints. Nighthaunt Gloom and Hexwraith Flame. The following is my attempt at a review of those paints.

To get to grips with what Nighthaunt Gloom actually did I first painted some Malifaux models actually.

Will O The Wisps
Now I haven't played or thought about Malifaux in a fair old while, as those of you who regularly follow my blog will realise. However I did have some models sitting around waiting to be painted. These guys are Nighthaunt Gloom over a white undercoat. No other shades or highlights. Very quick. I like how they came out well enough. But they look very solid. They look like if you punched them your hand would not go through them. I wanted to try and make my nighthaunt look a bit more ethereal.
Captain Paint Test
My wife who has a much better idea about how colours will work then me decided to try and test blending Nighaunt Gloom (top of the cloak) and Nihilakh Oxide (the traditional nighthaunt cheat paint). I was pretty impressed. However I felt something was missing. After a little bit of research I discovered that Ulthuan Grey as a highlight and painted as a solid colour along the bottom really ties the look together. I decided not only to paint the Mymourn Banshees I picked up yesterday which are above, but also to add to the nighthaunt bits I already had painted.   

'Mymourn Banshees' (spare parts from coven throne)
Spirit Hosts
You may remember these from earlier blogs. I essentially was able to simply brush the nighthant gloom across the top, and then use Ulthuan Grey as a highlight. They are basically a gradient going from dark at the top to light at the bottom, but I decided to leave any parts which are 'flesh' as the Nihilakh Oxide colour. I also painted in the weapons and armour as if they were physical objects because that seems to be what the studio team are doing, and it breaks things up a bit.

What about Hexwraith Flame?


Black Knights
I really like Hexwraith Flame, but I don't want bright green nighthaunt's. So I decided to simply go over any of the spectral fire I had done in my army with a fresh coat of white paint, and then the new hexwraith flame. It's a really convincing effect.

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