Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Alt Barbaros

Alt Barbaros
Painted Alt Barbaros. A fairly basic paint job. I like the way the metal came out though. Made the choice not to put any rust or grime on it because I think Malifaux lends itself to a slightly more comic book appearance. I've said this before but Malifaux models are always such a quick paint job compared to Games Workshop stuff because there is less detail crowding out every surface.

Why am I randomly painting Malifaux? is it something to do with the Malifaux 3.0 announcement?

Not really. I had bad indigestion and I just wanted something to do to take my mind off it that wasn't a big project. I keep a couple of single miniatures that can be painted up individually on my desk so if I need to spend a couple of hours doing something that feels productive, but don't have the stamina to embark on painting a squad or a vehicle I can just pick one of these up and get going with it.

I need to dust my desk huh.
I think it's really helpful to have something on hand which is basically a way to waste time, but that still feels psychologically rewarding because you have something accomplished at the end of it. Of course in an ideal world, I'd have all these single miniatures primed but you can see i've not got around time priming the newer stuff (largely random necromunda hired guns and scum) because in this world of coloured primers it's sometimes difficult to decide what color would be best.

Used to be if I was unsure I primed everything black. These days I am finding myself priming more and more things gray. My Escher, for example were all primed grey. Coloured primers are very useful when you are feeling lazy and you know the model will be mostly one colour - or if as with the tau the most recessed part of the model all wants to be one color. Alt Barbaros here was primed red - I could easily have primed him silver, but his demonic flesh is underneath and inside the armour, and its easiest to try and paint the models from the inside out.

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