Tuesday 24 July 2018

Tau Killteam

I am super hyped for the release of Warhammer 40,000 Kill team this Saturday. So much so that I managed to put together enough in the way of rules from blurry photographs and youtube videos to put together a Tau Kill team.

I painted these oddly. First I painted the bases in the normal 'games workshop way' with lots of washes and a dry brush and so on. Finished with a satin varnish. The suits however I wanted to look weird and otherworldly. Tau have a very unique aesthetic within 40k being fairly clearly inspired by Japanese anime.

Comms Specalist
I wanted to give them very shiny ceramic looking armour - something I remember seeing in a couple of anime and thinking it always managed to look sinister. Tau should look sinister. I started by undercoating the mini (mounted on a throwaway base) with army painter crystal blue, then I painstakingly brushed ulthan gray onto every single panel. Edge highlight with white. A little bit of black with a dark reaper highlight on gun tips and 'faces' and a little bit of blue glaze on the lenses.

Then the gimmick. The whole of the suit is then sprayed with Rustoleum Crystal clear, which is some heavy duty gloss varnish I found on amazon. Once thats dry, he's taken off the throw away base and mounted on the previously painted industrial base. Which should, hopefully, perhaps look like an interesting juxtaposition.

Knife close up
The veteran has the legs with the weird moulded on knife. So I had to paint these bits of fabric after the gloss varnish dried and in a more traditional way.

Why Tau though? Not my usual sort of thing. However, I do like battlesuits. I don't really like Tau when you can see there faces. One of the nice things about kill team is you can just pick a small project and run with it. It also let me do something slightly experimental and weird. (like not using washes). I'm already thinking about some other fun little projects this gives me an excuse to do.

Hopefully the game is actually good.
Marker Drones

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