Sunday 8 July 2018

Coven Throne

Coven Throne
Now that the new technical paints have come out, I can progress through my backlog of things with spirits and such on which were vaguely on hold since the two new paints I talked about in my last update were announced. First up is the coven throne.

The other side

A model which I stupidly assembled and undercoated black rather then assembling it in sub assemblies. Despite this, it was fun to paint; especially the spirit parts which I painted in much the same way as the banshees in my last update.  

Vampire Closeup
Three sexy lady vampires with a giant bowl of blood. I mean. How awesome is that? I mean probably it's not something everyone finds awesome but I just find the idea of these decadent noblewomen lording it over massed ranks of skeletons kind of awesome. Which is why I had to have a coven throne, even though, in game, it might perhaps not be very good. However fundamentally I am now more of a painter and collector then a gamer. Painting the vampires did give me some pause for thought because I do worry that they look a little too uniform. Dark green is the unifying colour for the army, so they kind of had to be dressed in dark green, but maybe they look a little too... uniform?

Prismatic Palisade
I also painted one of the new Endless spells. Sort of in between letting things dry on the coven throne. I plan to use the Prismatic Palisade in one of the two army lists I am working on which I why I painted it first.

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