Wednesday 12 September 2018

Dark Eldar Kill Team

I decided to make a second kill team, this time Dark Eldar. Partly I was frustrated by the Tau's total inability to kill things in close combat which is a requirement of one of the four core matched play missions for kill team. However mostly I was inspired by the addition of Dark Eldar to the Inquisitor: Martyr video game. (If you want my 5 second review of that game: It's a beautiful narrative experience for fans of Warhammer 40,000 with excellent art assets and voice acting, which is let down by repetitive game play) I decided to paint them in the very traditional Dark Eldar black-green with red accents. Also they are all girls without helmets, because it just so happens that in a Wyches box you can build six girls (out of then) and in a warrior box you can build four girls (out of ten).

I actually finished these a little while ago, as any of you who follow my instagram will know but I had to finish my dissertation, and deal with a small mountain of new school year work agro, and my back is playing up and some other annoying personal stuff. However I have finally carved out some time now so enjoy.

Nyssa Neverbreath (Leader)
Sybarite [11pts]: Agonizer, Leader, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Splinter Rifle

Nyssa, my leader is a the Sybarite from the Warrior box. She is a little confusingly equipped; I started off with the idea that a leader in kill team is essentially a support asset who generates command points, so they should have a long range weapon and try and stay out of the way, hence the Splinter Rifle. However when I put together the 100 point list I had about five points to spare, so I gave her an Agonizer because it looks cool. Agonizer and the other green bits were painted using the Hexwraith flame paint that I have talked about before so it was super straightforward to get them to look glowy. 

Xela the Untouched (Combat Specialist)
Hekatrix [13pts]: Agonizer, Blast Pistol, Combat

Xela is the squad leader from the Wyches box, and is a combat specialist. One of the interesting things about the Kill Team ruleset is you can take the squad leader from all of the different datasheets you are entitled to use, one of them has to be your team leader but the remainder make very flexible candidates for specialists. 
Vaivel the Cruel (Sniper Specialist)
Kabalite Gunner [12pts]: Dark Lance, Sniper

I don't know if a big cannon designed for killing tanks is the best choice for a skirmish level game, but my wife runs a kill team with four lictors in, so I'll get use out of this. I really like how the eye tattoo came out. I should probably talk more about the painting but honestly it was a little while ago and I mainly just followed the GW painting guide for Dark Eldar, and did a whole lot of edge highlighting of the black armour with those typical Dark Eldar paints kabalite green and sybarite green. The cannon was painted with metallics, wash, edge highlight. I was a little worried the guns would blend into the bases, but I think I weathered the bases enough so the guns stand out.
Excrucia Khrone (Zealot Specialist)
Wych Fighter [11pts]: Shardnet and Impaler, Zealot

I'm not sure about the metal net. It was nearly a string net. But a string net wouldn't stop a genestealer or an ork, so it's a metal net. I'm also not totally sold on how the skin came out, but it's the best I've ever managed to do with the sort of alabaster elf skin tone thing. 

Vrexith Scaur (Kabalite Warrior)
Kabalite Warrior [7pts]

I think that's a wych head. I don't know I assembled these all at the same time so some parts got swapped around.
Thessa Ghorghast
Kabalite Warrior [7pts]

Tryxin the Bloodsister (Wych)
Wych [8pts]

Everyone knows that the spikey thing on the end of a chain is the best of the various generic combat weapons in the Wych box.

Uless Vexx (Wych)
Wych [8pts]

Phyrix Beastbane (Wych Fighter)
Wych Fighter [11pts]: Razorflails

Ariex Bloodslyh (Wych Fighter)
Wych Fighter [11pts]: Hydra Gauntlets

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