Saturday 30 June 2018

Imperial Knights

Knight Lancer
So with the new Imperial Knight stuff I realised that I could fit one of the new Armigers into a 2000 point list. I painted one up recently (he is down the bottom) but I also decided to photograph and upload my other four older knights. I should point out that the alternate head on the lancer here is also a recent paint job, which is why it looks so much better then the rest of the knight.

Knight Paladin
The classic knight paladin. I sweated blood over those hazard stripes. They don't look good. But if you don't try you don't get better. Used a handful of spare parts for the base which is a bit of a theme for these guys. Big bases with not a lot on them look weird to me.

Knight Errant
Oh I was so happy when the newer knight kit came out with the fist, and I could retrofit a fist on this guy - because Errants should all have fists like in Epic. That is a really old Rhino from my childhood smashed up and repurposed on the base. Never throw anything away.

Knight Crusader
Guns. Lots of Guns. The smashed concrete base was meant to convey that he has his feet planted and was shooting.
Knight Armiger
The new guy, the Armiger. Yes, he's missing a decal from his door because I didn't have any, and GW don't make them any more. Sad times. Also, a friend of mine says he is skateboarding. He is not skateboarding. He climbed up on there to better shoot at aircraft and things.

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