Thursday 17 November 2016

Emperor's Children: Kakophoni and friends

So I have decided for blogging my third legion, I'm going to be painting things in sort of logical battlefield squads. So, today I have 10 Kakophoni, a Rhino and an Apothecary. Usually of course the Kakophoni will only be nine strong so they can fit in the rhino with friend Apothecary.

These guys were quite interesting to paint. The bloody flayed skin really breaks up the purple and gold. I'm quite interested that you can take these guys in a loyalist list... loyal... A big part of me thinks I should have done all of these with white shoulder pads because the apothecary transfer does not super show up on the dark purple. However, given I had two identical and quite hard to convert sets of five models I needed a way to clearly denote my sarge during play. Having only one guy with white shoulder pads does this. He also has a shoulder pad with a raised lip on, which is not from the Kakophoni set, it's from my bitz box, I used the same shoulder pad on my tactical squad sarge. However, I don't think that lip alone would be sufficient for my opponents.

An Rhino. This one has a front plate - I think I had to buy a Rhino doors set for the doors for my storm eagle, so I used the fancy front on my rhino. My other Rhino has the traditional heresy doors. I think the characteristic gaudy over use of gold actually works very well on blocky tanks. Often space marine tanks are just sort of solidly one colour.

This guy was very fun to paint. I enjoyed painting up all the vials of green and red (and a few of blue). Good job I like this model really, since I have three versions of him to paint up. I don't feel I want to use the Mk III Apothecary in my entirely Mk IV armoured force.

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