Sunday 4 September 2016

Malifaux: Titania

So I decided to finish off my early GenCon loot. Titania and box.

Titania was a joy to paint. I especially enjoyed putting on the blood splatter with a toothbrush. I essentially went with the stock art, but I did a red gradient on the hair.

Arbok The Gorar
Yeah, so, my wife has an electrical creation painted up as a Voltorb. So, I sort of felt given the choice I would paint The Gorar up to resemble Arbok. I know it's perhaps a little jarring, but I don't think it looks totally wrong. 

The Claw

The Tooth

The Thorn


So I want to talk about all the Autumn Knights together, I found it very interesting to paint in a mostly monochrome style. A few bits needed picking out like the skull and various metal bits, but it was an interesting challenge. These guys kind of reminded me of the sylvari from Guild Wars 2, which was interesting.

Crossroads Seven next, so watch this space. 

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