Friday 2 September 2016

Malifaux: Loose Ends

I had to go back to work yesterday for the first of two non-pupil days at work, which obviously means I have come home and painted more 'faux. I'm something of a boulder, in that if I am made to start doing stuff I feel like doing more stuff. Whereas for most of the summer holidays I was content to sit and look out the window. It's funny because you come back after the Summer break and colleagues tell you about all the far flung places they have been, and all I can think is "my word that sounds exhausting". However, I assume you come here to look at painted miniatures, not to learn about my infinite capacity for doing nothing.

So, I had a little backlog of miniatures which don't really fit in any big group. First up is the spawn mother and gupps.

Spawn Mother & Gupps
These are basically painted just like my Silurids, being as they are essentially different life stages of Silurid. All in all, actually, a fairly boring box. Kinda disappointing that the Gupp bases are three copies of the same three models (there is a third identical base behind the mother). Not what I expected from the big price point on the large "story encounter" boxes. Possibly my first genuinely disappointing 'faux purchase actually.

That said, the sculpts you do get are nice. Each of the three individual Gupps is a characterful sculpt. I just might have liked a little more variety.

Guild Wardens
 One of the things I actually did do over the summer was make the trip back to my hometown where a lot of my good friends still live. So I got to play a few games of 'faux against someone other than my wife. However, my very good friend who got me into the game did find it very amusing that I seem to have quite so many Guild models, that I can *only* use with Lucy. However bad Lucy might be rules wise, he is in my humble opinion the biggest bad in Malifaux, being a literally pure evil literally faceless bureaucrat.  Anyhow, Guild Wardens. I love these guys, they remind me of robots from Judge Dredd. Kinda miffed that only one gets a cloak though.
Mr Queeg
My Queeg was a very simple miniature; probably the most interesting thing to say about him is I went the rather controversial choice to give him bright blond hair. This is inspired by the actor Derren Nesbitt, who played the Gestapo Major in 'Where Eagles Dare' and did a memorable turn as No. 2 in The Prisoner. (Incidentally, I tend to think his character in Where Eagles Dare is the key touchstone for the slightly pervy Nazi General in the superlative Smith and Jones sketch.) So now you have learned about Classic TV and War Movies from before I was born, which is my pub-bore level subject par-excellence. But yes, to me, bright blond hair on a chap = sadist. Which Queeg certainly is. Though obviously Queeg himself is a reference on the part of Wyrd, to the Caine Mutiny. (Not the episode of Red Dwarf which is also referencing the Caine Mutiny, and one of the finest episodes of Red Dwarf)

Woah, enough Cult TV. Back to Malifaux.

Special Edition Gator
So, this was a Malifaux promotion model for spending over a certain amount at a FLGS and then uploading your receipt to Wyrd. I don't super need a fourth gator, but he was free. Also, he's in a dippy pose because you can assemble him eating a goblin, but like all the gators, you can assemble him without the goblin. I don't play goblins so I didn't feel the need for random Goblins.

 This is normally the part of the post where I talk about the thing I am going to do next, however, I have a choice to make. Today was actually my birthday, (and I had to spend it at training day being told in almost so many words "using the internet is going to kill you"; but that's a story for another time) so I got up to this lovely sight. Thank you wife.

Birthday Haul
No, I've not started Anarchists, those are to round out my Collodi hiring pool. I have most of Collodi's things painted up and ready to go, but I want to blog him in one big post. However, it was GenCon recently, and I have these guys on my painting table.
Titania Crewbox

So, there will be three Malifaux updates in the foreseeable future. Collodi, Crossroads Seven and Titania. Just not sure in what order.

I might even try and find the time to write a post about something else.

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