Sunday 11 September 2016

Malifaux: Crossroads Seven

So; I got the band painted. I don't normally do large group shots because they rarely turn out well, but I thought I would have a go.

Crossroads Seven
 I enjoyed painting most of these guys, they are very nice models. One of the nice things about Malifaux is that you are usually painting single miniatures, rather then trying to paint a squad. Which, I think is why I am able to paint them more often that I can manage to paint 40k. Also unlike 40k, almost every model in Malifaux feels significant. It's hard to really get into painting Tactical Marine with bolter #12.  

 Wrath was definitely a struggle to put together in terms of were all those arms are supposed to go. I've seen people manage better, but I have also seen some manage worse. I painted the spirits on this in the same way I painted Pandora's sorrows; they strike me as sort of the same species of thing.

Envy was sort of meh to build and paint. I'm not sure why Wyrd feel the need to make models which simply will not fit on the base provided. Also, weaponized organ platform is not something which seems novel to me, being as I play sisters in 40k. Couldn't get super excited about this one.

I think this is the first time I have painted a dark skinned human. I think it turned out ok. I painted the snake like an Ekans to go with my Arbok Gorer from last post.

Lust is one of the best models, both in terms of rules and sculpt. I don't know why in this photograph her face and shoulders look so dark. This is not how she looks in reality. I think I did a good job on the hair.

 Sloth. Worst sculpt. Worst rules. Worst paintjob. So I tried to do gray/blue zombie skin rather then the traditional green. My wife suggested I give the flesh a purple wash, which I'm not totally sure about. He looks sort of like a World of Warcraft Zombie I guess.
Big fan of this model. Has an excellent face. Think I did a good job painting also. Think the brown and blonde hair works, but perhaps it is a little too similar to the yellow trim on the flamenco dress.

I was very unsure what pride was going to end up looking like when I started to paint him, but I think he turned out rather well. When I was an undergraduate there was an exceptionally prideful man who loved the smell of his own farts and used to hang around in the university pub. He had long ginger hair. So now pride has long ginger hair. I think it works.

Next will be Collodi's pool.

I have a lot of things to paint, including each effigy, so this will probably take me a good long time. THEN I will essentially be done with Neverborn. However, I have a good quantity of Outcasts coming that I found as a job lot on Ebay. Almost all of them I can hire in as Mercs in Neverborn.

I suspect at some point I might write about something other then Malifaux. However; I doubt anyone cares about my non-miniatures posts, which do at least get hits from Google image searches.

Google Analytics is terrifyingly powerful, let me just say.

However, the like three comments I have are all on non-miniatures posts. Hum. I might manage a more thoughtful post before I get the next set of stuff painted.

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