Sunday 1 May 2016

Gaming Table

The wife and I have now managed to make a habit of playing a weekly game of Malifaux on Saturday nights (Sunday this weekend since bank holiday). This is far more regular gaming when we ever managed with 40k. I think probably due to the smaller numbers of models.

This has necessitated investing in some terrain. Malifaux needs a lot of terrain. And is not particularly suited to the vast gray multi level structures that 40k tables tend to contain.

Our table now looks like this:

The white stuff in the aqueducts is water effects which is still curing. 

So, here you can see two Games Workshop citadel woods, which are still one of the best ways to get forests on to a gaming table. They look cool, and the trees can be removed to move models around, and they don't cover your hand in flock like some other popular kinds of trees.

The pond, is from a set of two battlefield in a box ponds which is pre painted, though I have finished it with some flock and some (almost dry) water effects)

The mat is from and is quite nice in that it has various malifaux deployment zones and the centre point marked on.

The rest of the terrain is laser cut wooden stuff from TTCombat  specifically the Wild West industrial set and shacks set. But they have loads of different cool stuff you could use for Malifaux.

Lazer cut MDF terrain is a really cost effective way of getting good looking terrain as long as you stay away from organic shapes like trees.

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