Saturday 21 May 2016

Malifaux: Pandora

Back once again with even more painted Malifaux, hopefully some slightly less rubbish photographs as I have actually passed these through Photoshop to do such amazing things as cropping, and some automatic colour correction. Kind of shocking that it didn't actually occur to me to do this before now as I actually teach a little bit of image editing stuff. If I find the time I might go back and fix the images I uploaded earlier. Edit: I have now done this to all the previous Malifaux images.

Avatar Pandora

Now OOP Avatar Pandora. Mounted her resin base inside a plastic 50mm base, as the old avatar was unaccountably on a smaller base. This way I can actually use the model as an Emissary (or I suppose as an avatar if I ever play a campaign).

Alt Pandora
OOP Alt Pandora. Probably the best sculpt of Pandora. Was very lucky to come across one of these on the electronic bay for a not too eye-gouge price.

Original Pandora
Found metal original Pandora on sale in a LGS. Baught and painted before the alt came up on ebay. Not as nice a model but I think I did a good job.

Super OOP Metal proto-Avatar Pandora with original Ebay pic on the right.
 This was not a miniature I was originally going to bother with, but when Wyrd announced there Malifaux Vintage line, to much gnashing to teeth over on the forums, I decided to have a little look on the electronic bay to see what I could find in regards the original metal version. Found this for $6 US + P&P. Granted. She used to look rather different... feels good to save a model. Decided to go down to a 30mm so she could stand in for Pandora, rather then up to a 50mm so she could stand in for an emissary.

The preponderance of Pandoras (along with my trio of Liliths) did prompt the wife to ask me if I had a thing for scantily clad redheads... my one word answer at the time was perhaps not suitably diplomatic.

I batch painted the sorrows and poltergeist since to me they look like same species of gribbly. Actually, Army painter goblin green spray mostly painted these. Simple yet effective.

OOP Nightmare Edition Teddy 1

OOP Nightmare Edition Teddy 2
Two Teddies is probably one Teddy too many, however, in theory, I could start with one and build another with widow weaver. I acquired these nightmare Teddies a long time ago and I can't really remember what I might have paid for them.

Widow Weaver
This is the original metal, not that there is a wealth of difference between this and the current plastic sculpt.

EBO Jack the Ripper aka Baby Kade
One of the three limited edition minis from the Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter which is a legal proxy for Baby Kade. I do have stock Baby Kade, but I can't be bothered building and painting him. I love the safety scissors. I think I did a good job on those.
EBO Lizzy Borden aka Candy
The second of the three limited edition EBO minis. This one a legal proxy for Candy. The wife says she looks like she's been eating jam sandwiches, rather then murdering.

Candy the Petulant Youth
Candy the Petulant Youth - the aged up version you get with the old avatar. She unfortunately has no rules, not even in campaign games, other then being a legal proxy for Candy. I have a soft spot for this model having taught more then a few petulant youths who thought they knew everything about everything in my time.

I feel I did a good job on the fire.

Insidious Madnesses 
These guys were hellish to put together, because you can't quite work out what they are supposed to look like. They were, however, great fun to paint.

Converted Convict Gunslinger

The wife and I shared a box of Convict Gunslingers, and being as I'm a pushover she got the better looking model, and I got the less cool one. However, I decided to convert him with the nephalim looking head from the TTB generic male box, so he fits in really well with the nephalim infected humans from the starter set. This guy does not have much to do with Pandora, I just painted him at the same sort of time.

Phew... Dreamer next time, I think.

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