Friday 27 May 2016

Malifaux: The Dreamer

More Malifaux, but not that many pictures this time, since I already have a lot of the very general models in the Never-born Faction.

The Dreamer
The Dreamer, possibly the least inspiring model in Malifaux, although, it is one of the models which has been improve by being redone in plastic.
Lord Chompy Bits
Ah, the real master, Lord Chompy Bits. Much bigger, more in the vein of the nightmare version they did back in the day.

Alps, for some reason I struggled to paint these. But I think they turned out quite well.

This model was a little disappointing. I think the metal is much better. I may pick up a metal if I ever see it on the electronic bay. However, since I wanted the Dreamers box anyway, here he is.

I really like the way these guys turned out. Painted them at the same time as my Insidious Madnesses from last time.

Stitched Together
Love these guys. The middle one has caught the varnish a little in this picture., but I think I have fixed it now. Apparently I might need more then three stitched, but I'm going to wait until I have some dreamer games under my belt.

One thing missing from this line up, is The Dreamers Avatar form. This is because Ebay is being withholding. It will grace these pages at some point.

Whats next: Probably McTavish, just on his own. I assembled him today and I'll be posting him up as soon as he has some paint on him.

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