Thursday 28 April 2016

Malifaux: Zorida stuff

Back with some more pictures of poorly painted miniatures.

Perhaps I will make a more general rambling post soon. I don't know.

I do sometimes wonder if I should keep ten blogs so each can be about it's own thing, but given how infrequently I manage to update this one that seems like a poor decision.

So, this time it's Zorida and some of her thematically related models that I have been painting.


Original metal Zorida, saggy grandma boobs and all. A better sculpt then the modern plastic one with it's strange spindly leg pieces. Eventually we will come to a master were I don't massively prefer the original metal sculpts, but today is not that day. I have had this model for a very long time, from back when you would occasionally run large enough games that you had two masters. However, I held back from putting a photograph up until I had some more of her traditional crew elements. I never bought her metal crew box back in the day, as I hated the old sawmpfeind sculpts.


I did however use the new plastic totem. Because he is so cute. Look at that little guy.

OOP Avatar

Ah, the Avatar, another thing I had in the back of the cupboard for a long while. Back in the day I evidently decided not to use the emerging mud golem you get with this.

Hello Nurse
The ubiquitous nurse which almost everyone runs with Zordia at all times. This is an old metal one which a resser friend of mine had going spare.  I haven't gone for a second out of faction low willpower model, because none of the others look super worth it. I know a lot of folks rave a little about papa loco, but i'm not totally sure he is worth it, and I don't fancy picking up the entire Ortega crew box just to get him. 10T Samurai is another one that has been suggested. I'm not convinced I fancy buying a box of three just for one model.

Also, I have to say, painting this model made me feel a little sordid, which probably means wyrd did a really good job.

Bad Juju
Bad Juju is one of those models that looks much better in plastic. A big, big model, he doesn't actually hit that hard, but his ability to come back from the head with his upgrade is fairly nice.


The new silurids are much, much, much better in plastic also. Excellent scheme runners. Three might be overkill mind you. 

Bayou Gators, one of the three out of faction Swampfiends you can hire. (the others being McTavish who I intend to pick up once he comes out, and wild boars which suck when run outside gremlins as far as I can see) These are quite fun little models, I like that they are a family too. There is a big on, a middle one, and a little baby one. Which is kind of cute.

What's next? Pandora type stuff will be coming next, on my quest to acquire the entire faction. ( I don't however plan on buying all possible mercs and out of faction hires, just a smattering) I have also been working on a gaming table, which I might be able to provide some photographs of. Oh, and finally, I might try and persuade the wife to post (or let me post) some of her arcanists, so you can see what models painted with actual skill look like. 

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