Friday 15 April 2016

Getting back into Malifaux

So, I returned home to my native Merseyside during the Easter break, and some of my excellent chums convinced me to get back into Malifaux. I have not played Malifaux since the first edition of the game, so I was pleased to dust off my crew and have a go.

The game is great fun, and the introduction of premesuring makes it a lot more fun, in my humble opinion.

So, without further ado - here are some out of focus photographs of my poorly painted miniatures! Hurrah!
Original Metal Lilith
Alt Metal Lilith

One of the things about coming back to Malifaux having played in version one is I have a lot of metal miniatures. I have possessed a plastic Lilith, but I sold it on the Electronic Bay. I think a lot of Wyrds new plastics are actually very good, but a lot of the masters specifically seem kind of rubbish. Which is odd. I don't like Plastic Zordia or Pandora either.  Of these two sculpt's I like the Alt better, but since Lilith is supposed to have a greatsword, and not a scythe I kind of feel like I should run original Lilith.

Original Metal Nekima is another of those models that was just better in metal.
Hooded Rider
Everyone should own there factions rider.
Mature Nephelim

My male Nephelim are all painted red like classical demons. Which seems the obvious thing to do, but you don't see it that much. 
Young Nephelim
Terror Tots

I think perhaps the plastic Terror Tots are actually better then the metals... but not better enough to make me actually replace my metal ones - these are painted. So my plastic ones went on the Electronic Bay.
Barbie was my first plastic model. Had to get a whole plastic Lilith box to acquire him. Now there is a bad ass limited edition version that I would like to get, with a less bizarre looking sword.

Some more plastics. These are the Bloodwretches from the starter set. I'm not sure when I would ever use these, but, they are quite nice looking models, and I have all the other Nephalim in the game.
Scion of Black Blood

When would you take this model? If you had already taken Tuco and Angel Eyes and needed a third ranged model in neverborn? Eh? Also, the sculpt is very early 90's Games Workshop. He's very flat, and very clearly holding up the things he is equipped with.
Angel Eyes

Ah, the reason to buy the M2E starter box as a Neverborn player. Angel Eyes is just ridiculously good. Also probably the nicest model in the starter box.

Tuco, you used to be the sole ranged option. Now when will I include you in a crew when I could hire Angel Eyes?
Black Blood Shaman

This chap is quite interesting, and you can't deeply see it in this picture. However, he lost his original knife a long while ago. He has a stabby looking Dark Elf bit instead. 

Another old metal I really like. I think the new plastic dryad impersonators are a bit meh. They also come in boxes of three now, I can't see I'm ever going to need to do run three. But I do love these guys with Lilith. 
Lilith's Final Form

The old avatar Lilith. I can use this as an emissary, or, I could If I had the cards :/ Love the old Avatar model's and I plan to try and collect them all.

Every neverborn player should have a Doppleganger, but I don't find I use her very often. Perhaps should start.

These two seem to work a little differently in M2E and I have not played about with them sufficiently yet.

Mysterious Effergy
The Effergys are one of the things that Wyrd have unequivocally done better in plastic. Love this model, very fiddly to put together through. I will probably end up collecting all of them when I get around to gathering a crew for Collodi.

Almost never use this guy, because my totem slot is often taken by:
Primordial Magic

Primordial Magic. Controversially, I have assembled him without his vomit. 

And that's what I have for now. But this is Malifaux, the game were you end up collecting your entire faction, so next up is Zorida. and some Swampfriends. I used to dislike Selurids, but the new plastics are much nicer then the old metals. I'm also going to be picking up some Bayu Gators since Zorida can hire out of faction Swampfiends, and I'll pick up Spawn mother and McTavish when they come out in plastic. I already have the obligatory nurse. I'm not sure if I'll pick up a second out of faction low willpower pick. I tend not to like Merc's cos the merc tax makes them very difficult to justify unless they bring something your faction really struggles to get. If anyone has any good suggestions for Mercs worth picking up, do let me know in the comments. Also probably going to give a miss to the third out of faction swampfriend, Wild Boars, on account of how they go nuts without nearby goblins.

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  1. I take back what I said about Bloodwretches. For the cost, they are very useful.

    Scion of Black Blood still seems to be basically a bust though.