Thursday 26 October 2017

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire

Don't worry. I'm not dead. Life just conspires sometimes to give one other things to do. However as it is half term this week I have had the opportunity to dig into a hobby project.

Garrek's Reavers

My wife and I decided to split the Shadespire set. I painted up Garrek's Reavers, and she painted Steelhearts Champions.

The game itself is really very fun. You can get two or three games done inside an hour and with a reasonably small amount of space.

Garrek Gorebeard
It's not quite your typical wargame, you can't customise the models you take. You select one of the available warbands and run with it. However, you do use a deck of cards which you can customise.

For these guys I mainly painted along with the Duncan video - because I have no idea about Khorne having never collected any Khorne dudes. I did add additional blood spatters which was good fun.
Karsus the Chained
The card game thing is quite interesting. Games Workshop is moving into living card game territory. Expansion boxes will be coming out for £17.50 a go with a new team of models and some new cards. Some of the cards are specific to a particular warband, others are generic cards. So, yes, you might end up picking up a box of skeleton dudes because you want some of the generic card for your stormcast warband. However, the price point is relatively low and at least there is no random element to the cards you get.
Blooded Saek
The starter set gives you two copies of each generic card, as well as the stormcast and khorne specific cards. So it is easily split with a friend. You do need two boards to play a two player game, although the rulebook is worded everyone brings any boards they own and work out how to set up the field.

There are also rules for three and four player games which require, again, one board per player. The starter set gives you everything you need for two players.
I'm going to be picking up the skeletons as soon as they come out because I do like skeletons, but I wanted to get these khorne guys painted up because I have never painted khorne before. I feel like they turned out rather well. Plus, now I have a warband I can lend out - although the deck will probably suffer from being comprised of 'spare' cards.

Steelheart's Champions
My wife painted these, which is why they are so much better then mine. However, I photographed them, which is why you can't tell.

Severin Steelheart
She really went to town on these guys, the blue parts have some sort of awesome galaxy painted on them, and there is some awesome freehand on that cloak trim.

Angharad Brightshield
I really hate stormcast helmets though, they are too small for the heads they contain. This is because when stormcast were first conceived games workshop had the idea that they might be like suits of armour inhabited by pure energy, so they wanted them to look faceless and sinister. Later that changed, but they did not make the helmets any larger.

Obyrn the Bold


  1. I just cant believe that these are paintings and not in real!! At first glance I thought these all are real! You drew all of them so fantastically.

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