Sunday 5 November 2017

Sepulchral Guard

Shadespire time again. The awesome Sepulchral Guard came out on Saturday, so here they are painted up.

The Sepulchral Guard

I'm really loving painting skeletons at the moment and these are some really lovely classic fantasy skeletons in really lovely poses. I painted them in the green colours of the rest of my deathrattle as they do have rules in Age of Sigmar as well as being a Warhammer Underworlds warband.
The Sepulchral Warden
The Warden is the leader of the Sepulchral guard. He's a really lovely miniature. He's also quite unique lore wise as he's a skeleton who can raise other skeletons, which would be a cool thing to have in full blown age of sigmar.

The Champion
The Champion is the best fighter in the Sepulchral Guard, or rather, he's just as good as the warden but because you can bring him back from the dead you can be a bit more reckless with him. He has an impressive sleek looking sword - at one point I was considering painting it without any rust as if it was somehow slightly magical, but in the end I went for a bit of corrosion to tie him in with all the rest of the skellies.

The Harvester
Ok, so this is actually my second "The Harvester" model as I rather unfortunately stood on the first one and he snapped into about half a dozen pieces.  Thankfully, my wife also picked up a set of Sepulchral Guard (for the neutral cards to add in to her beloved stormcast) and gave me a second chance. He's a classic reaper pose, and it took a lot of willpower not to paint the hood black, but I wanted to stick with the unifying green colour. In the game, he has an attack which can attack all adjacent enemies. Not so much use against my wifes stormcast, but I can see him really pulling his weight against Khorne dudes or other skeletons. I find it interesting that at some point he was chained up, but now he is free. Maybe he is the reanimated bones of just a really mad bastard.

The Prince of Dust
The prince of dust is the last 'named' skeleton and his gimmick is he gets to knock fighters back two hexes when he hits them rather than one. A little situational perhaps, but he is otherwise a fairly competent fighter. That circlet must have been a really close fit back when he had hair...

Petitioner # 1 (Lazybones)
Petitioner # 2
Petitioner # 3

Finally we come to the petitioners, the chaff of the skeleton warband. These are literally nameless mook skellies, but they do mean that the Sepulchral Guard is the largest shadespire warband. The skeleton rising out of the grave is such a classic pose, my wife and I have named him lazybones, because it's helpful to have a name to refer to during play. Need to come up with names for the other two.

I really enjoyed painting these guys, I'm really into skeletons at the moment and really fired up to crack on with some more Age of Sigmar stuff. I have managed to play two games of Warhammer Underworlds with them vs my wife's stormcast. So far I have lost both games, but death is patient...

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  1. Oh my God I LOVE skeletons, and I never knew you could paint them like this! I need to find tutorials and do this ASAP