Sunday 29 January 2017

St Celestine

Group Shot

So I was indeed planning on painting my Horus Heresy stuff, and then Blood Bowl came out and now, plastic Sororitas. so obviously, I had to drop everything to paint those. I think I did darn well. Apologies for the green background, but it was probably the best contrast of the options available.

St Celestine
The living saint herself, I think I did a rather good job with her face and hands in specifically. This is a gorgeous model.



Eleanor and Genevieve where unexpected additions to a plastic Celestine, and are excellent miniatures in there own right. However, they do, when placed next to the metal serpahim simply beg the question, plastic sisters when?

Not much to say about the paint job on these, as I followed (mostly) games workshops painting video. Although with considerably less skill.


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