Wednesday 8 February 2017

Inquisitor Grayfax and Friends

Inquisitor Grayfax
Finally got around to uploading a picture of Inquisitor Grayfax. Possibly one of the nicest paint jobs I have ever managed to do.

 Edge highlighting and all sorts of madness. Big fan of the absurdness of the model. We have the hat mounted burning candle. We have the miniature rocket launcher with a crossbow attached to it. And, of course, she goes into battle in baroque power armour with stiletto heels. Amazing. So very 40k. I curse my feeble brushes that I have barely done her justice.  Her face, in particular just... is not... quite... right.. Painted her, once again by following along with Duncan in the GW Painting video.

Three Acolytes
The changes in Codex Inquisition, which I talked about a little while ago, mean that you have to take three Acolytes in your henchman war-band. No great loss from a collecting point of view because it means I get to replace a few duplicate sculpts with these characterful fellows. The one on the left is a little bit of a ham fisted conversion as the plastic flamethrower unbalances the model somewhat; I coulden't think of another model to use.

The Warband

A group shot of the Warband, the rest of which have been posted before; however I did do a few touch ups to the old paint jobs. Notably the priests fire has been redone to match the better fire effect I got on the acolytes.


As a bonus, I also painted an Astropath recently, although he hangs around with some heavy bolter sisters. (An Assignment I am sure he is thrilled about). He was originally going to be in the warband, but I realised he can provide his main utility from the back line and does not need the hurl himself out of a land raider into the enemy.

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