Wednesday 8 June 2016

Malifaux: Lucius

Lucius is a master I have wanted to get the models for for a long time. He's always been one of the best characters in Malifaux, and in M2E I can play him without breaking my one faction vow. Splendid.

Lucys new plastic model is, like the dreamer and unlike many of the other masters in Neverborn, a vast improvement on the original metal. I've painted his normally maroon coat a dark purple, as is the tradition of people who play Lucius in Neverborn.

The Scribe
I love this little guy. He's a very cool little model. Unfortunately, he suffers from what a lot of totems in Neverborn suffer from. 'not being primordial magic', which is a shame when you have cool, characterful little models like the scribe, poltergeist and the cherub who are almost almost not the most optimal choice.

So, Lucius, and his totem The Scribe are duel faction Guild and Neverborn. Everything else I'm going to show you today is a Guild model. Now, Lucius has an upgrade which lets him hire 0-4 Guardsmen and Mimics out of faction. My philosophy for collecting my Malifaux miniatures has been to get everything that has Neverborn faction, but to be selective about the non-neverborn items I pick up.

So I'm not going to definitely buy every out of faction Guardsman, Mimic, Puppet, Swampfeind, enthral target or mercenary. So I have included some thoughts about the utility of some of the units below.

Guild Lawyers
Lawyers are amazing sculpts. They are the only Guildside Mimic that Lucius can bring over to Neverborn. One Lawyer is pretty much mandatory in a Lucius crew, as he lowers the difficulty of the terror test that minions have to take if Lucius wants to give them one of his action points. This is handy if you are running low WP minions especially (such as say, Illuminated, which you probably want 2-3)
Cptn Dashel
Captain Dashel is a neat model, though standing him next to Mr Graves, one does wonder why Dashel isn't also on a 40mm base. I'm not convinced I will use Dashel much in one of my four cross faction slots. Yes, he has nice synergies with riflemen being able to give them focus, which they can then keep until they need it. However, he's not a minion, and Lucius likes minions.

Guild Guard
If I wasn't sure if I was going to use Dashel, I'm almost certain to never use these Guild Guard. However, they come in Lucius box, so I had them anyway and I thought I would paint them for pleasure as they are quite nice

Guild Pathfinder & Traps
 The Guild Pathfinder is the first of two guild things I have baught to perhaps run with Lucius, Mainly because, he can summon traps. Lucius can then turn the traps into soulstones using his Devils Deal ability, which is quite interesting.
Guild Riflemen
Riflemen! Excellent shooting in Neverborn. Minions! They like having focus, which Lucius can give out! A splendid thing.

I thought I would briefly talk about the other Guardsman units.

AustringerLucius specifically can't buff these guys. I know a lot of Guild players say they are basically the best unit ever but I can't bring myself to invest in something which specifically has less synergy then everything else.

Guild HoundNo for so many reasons. You could only take four, if you didn't take any other guild stuff, and neverborn hounds are coming soon. And, the Corrupted hounds are actually better with Lucius.

Guild Seargent Bleagh. Just not worth one of the you-only-get-four slots.

WardenYes, I'm going to get some of these when they come out. These are excellent minions, and they have bonuses against terror checks, so they can run without a Lawyer. But... it's hard to get all these models knowing you can only use four at a time.

Master QueegSo much potential synergy with Lucius. But, it's a non minion. But... It could be so good. On the fence. May have to pick this up... on the fence.

Mounted GuardAgain, these look like they could be good. But again, four slots. four. Not sure I can justify this one.

Right. What is next.

Well, I have sort of run out of hobby budget for a little while. So probably, Spawn Mother and Gupps and Guild Wardens when they come out and the end of the month.

But I do have a bid running on Ebay, so perhaps a mystery item.

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