Thursday 2 June 2016

Malifaux: Jacob Lynch

Jacob Lynch, we meet again. This is actually my second Jacob Lynch crew, I picked up the crew when it first came out but never got around to painting it and eventually sold it. I was never particularly impressed with these models, some of the first plastics, along with the other 10 thunders duel faction crews. Quite flat, detail quite soft, and a fair number of gaps that need filling. However, a lot of the models are very useful. Indeed, Illuminated may well be the best minion in Malifaux. 

Jacob Lynch
Jacob looks quite boring, so they gave him a giant burning skeleton. I think the skeleton looks quite cool. 
Mr Tannen
 Devious little bastard. I think I did quite well on the glasses. Difficult things to paint.
The Hungering Darkness
 I think there is about half a packet of green-stuff in old Huggy, and you can still see something of a seem in his head.
Mr Graves
 This is a very simple but fun miniature. I gave him tiny pin eyes to go with his tiny pin head. You can assemble him without the giant 2x4 but.... why would you?
 Who wouldn't want magic prostitutes? Probably the best models in terms of detail and gap filling of those featured on this page, which all came out at around the same time.
 Probably the best minion in Malifaux, rules wise. I think the one in the middle, while cool, is a little odd. He looks like he should do something different compared to the other two. I think the female sculpt is probably the worse, unfortunately enough.
Here are possibly the worst models in the Jacob Lynch range, so I painted them quite quickly. I think they look ok though.  

Ok. Lynch done. Lucius next. Oh, you will notice I have changed my bases. I decided Lynch's thematic models and Lucius' thematic models should be on grassy cobbles, since they strike me as city dwelling types.

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