Sunday 17 March 2019

Barty Crouch Jr and Death Eaters

Barty Crouch Jr and Death Eaters
I said I'd end up buying some more of these. I'm not even a Harry Potter fan really. I've seen the films. I thought they were pretty good. I'm not convinced they make my top 10. What I like is collecting I will collect anything. I used to have a collection of bottle caps. I also used to have a collection of miscellaneous cables until I was made to throw them out (I still ache for the loss of my miscellaneous cables). But better than the random hoarded items is when you can collect entire sets of things. Since my wife decided we were going all in on the Harry Potter pre order and I was doing the evil side. I mean now I am doing the evil side. Now I have to own every single evil model. That's just the rules now.

Barty Crouch Jr
I've said it before and I'll say it again. What makes good costuming for a film does not tend to make a good miniature for painting. Here we have a Black leather trench coat with black jeans black boots and a black t-shirt. I tired to get some texture in by highlighting the leather parts with one set of colours, and the t-shirt and the jeans with other colours. The leather is the classic dark reaper edge highlight with a point highlight of thunderhawk blue, and the t-shirt is eshen gray edge highlight with a point highlight of dawnstone. The jeans are skavenblight dinge edge highlight with a point highlight of skavenblight dinge with a bit of light brown mixed in. Helen tells me the jeans and the tshirt look identically highlighted. Well I know it's there.    

I think I did a good job on the head - especially the hair. For my money the model does not factually look that much like David Tennant. He looks a bit generic action hero to me.

Death Eater with some magic
Female Death Eater with a torch

More death eaters. I think these are more interesting models then the ones in the starter set at least. Not only does each model have something colorful to draw the eye, but they also have different and much more interesting masks with a sort of half skull and chin showing thing going on. The robes I just painted with the eshin gray edge highlight and dawnstone spot highlight method. I think I must be getting good at painting black cloth though.
Male Death Eater with a torch
What's next? I had a mind to paint up the four Imperial Assassins this week. Obviously I haven't quite got around to them this week but they are still tentatively next in the queue. After that I am yet to decide.

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